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What better way to prepare students for their GCSE Music exam than to hear directly from Wicked’s lyricist and composer,
Stephen Schwartz?

Our free revision resource hears Stephen break down the musical themes and inspiration behind many of the score’s iconic motifs.

See the bottom of this page for useful sheet music bar numbers for the sections discussed in the video.

Defying Gravity with Stephen Schwartz – GCSE Music Exam, Revision Resource
Experience the set work, Defying Gravity, live at the Apollo Victoria Theatre

Defying Gravity, the powerful signature song that closes Act 1, features in Question 9 on this year’s Edexcel GCSE Music Exam.

See it live in one of London’s biggest theatre’s, offering your students the opportunity to understand the song’s narrative context and experience a live, thrilling performance of Stephen Schwartz’s classic score.

Book now for exam preparation in May and June, or as a reward trip to your students in July.



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(Please note, all bar numbers below are specific to the official London/Broadway scores. Other versions are available.)

00:49 discussion: the fanfare (technically at least, in its truest incarnation with the 3rd) appears in Defying Gravity at bar 191

01:14 discussion:  – the Db (C#I) fanfare is prominent throughout, in a number of keys; for example bar 20 in Bb, bar 26 in E, in its original incarnation “Elphaba’s Growing Power” at 37B/C and at other moments, A major at bar 123, triumphantly in B major at bar 147 before returning to the home key at bar 152.

01:44 discussion : The “Unlimited” theme starts bar 99 (101)

04:25 discussion: bar 119 – 124 ‘A growing power’. During this musical passage Glinda puts a cape around Elphaba, the last element to visually complete the fully formed ‘Witch’ (the hat, the broom, and finally the cape) as Elphaba calmly rises in a new imposing silhouette, with this theme underneath.

06:22: The “Unlimited” theme starts bar 99 (101)

06:38: “Something has changed…” is bar 38

06:51: “So if you care to find me…” is bar 158

08:03: “too long I’ve been afraid…” is bar 75 – 82

09:05 discussion: This is the very opening of the show. In Defying Gravity this theme comes back at bar 191 in Bb minor.


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